Umberto is widely recognised as one of the most outstanding LCA software solutions available worldwide. LCA specialists in industry, consultancy, research, and education have been utilising it for over twenty-five years.

Resource efficiency, life cycle costing, environmental product declarations, life cycle assessments, and product and business carbon footprints employ this user-friendly operation. Since Umberto come with the ecoinvent database, users can integrate the database directly into the application.

The software lets users deal with ISO 14067, GHG Protocol, and PAS 2050-compliant carbon footprint assessments.

This function accurately measures and evaluates product and process greenhouse gas emissions. Umberto LCA provides ISO 14040-compliant Life Cycle Assessments. Users may analyse a product’s environmental implications from raw material extraction to disposal, enabling a thorough assessment.


Here is an overview of common features found in Umbreto software:

  • Free Trial Period: The software provides a 14-day free trial period, allowing users to explore its capabilities before making a purchase.
  • Sector Specificity: Umberto LCA does not have a specific focus on any particular sector. It can be applied to various industries and sectors.
  • Database Trial: The software does not offer a trial version of its database. Users may need to obtain access to a suitable database separately.
  • Software Running: Umberto LCA runs on a personal computer (PC), providing users with the convenience of conducting assessments on their own machines.
  • Database Territoriality: The software is not limited to specific geographical regions. It can be used for assessments on an international scale, accommodating different locations and contexts. In the trial version, it does not contain any database.
  • Impact Assessment Methods: Umberto LCA supports the use of impact assessment methods. In the trial version, impact assessment results cannot be displayed.
  • Presentation of Results: In the trial version, impact assessment results cannot be displayed.
  • Possibility to Export Results: In the trial version, impact assessment results cannot be displayed.
  • Tutorial Availability: Umberto LCA offers tutorial resources to assist users in navigating and utilizing the software effectively. These resources may include documentation, user guides, or online support.

Users can access more information about Umberto LCA and its features on the official website provided.

Free trial period: 14 days
Sector Specificity: No
Database trial: No
Software running: On PC
Database territoriality: International

Tutorial availability:

  • None: ✖
  • Someone:
  • Many: ✖

The software can be downloaded on the PC. It contains LCI examples, but Impact Assessment results cannot be displayed. It does not contain any database.

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