SimaPro has been one of the foremost LCA software solutions for over three decades, and is utilised in over 80 countries by businesses, consultancies, and universities. SimaPro, a strong sustainability programme for product designers, decision-makers, and sustainability professionals, is based on science and life cycle thinking.

SimaPro measures the environmental effect of your products and services throughout their life cycle. It additionally helps identify supply chain hotspots from raw material extraction to manufacture, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Sustainability reporting, carbon and water footprinting, product design and environmental product declarations are all possible key performance indicators  that can be achieved by using the software.


Here is an overview of the features found in SimaPro LCA software, for the trial version:

  • Free Trial Period : SimaPro provides a complimentary trial period of 30 days, enabling individuals to assess the software’s functionalities before committing to a purchase.
  • Sector Specificity: SimaPro does not have specific sector limitations, making it applicable to a wide range of industries and sectors.
  • Database Trial: Users have the option to trial the software’s database, although it has reduced functionality during the trial period.
  • Software Running: SimaPro runs on PCs, allowing users to use it locally.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The software’s database is not limited to specific regions and has an international scope, encompassing data from various geographical areas.
  • Impact Assessment Methods: SimaPro users can evaluate the effects of their projects or operations on the environment by employing the Recipe impact assessment approach. However, tools like CML and Environmental Footprint, which are more targeted, are unavailable.
  • Presentation of results: Tables, histograms, and tree charts/Sankey diagrams can be used to display SimaPro assessment results.
  • Possibility To Export Results: in the trial version SimaPro does not offer the capability to export assessment results directly from the software.
  • Tutorial Availability: SimaPro offers many tutorials to help customers learn and use the software.

Users can find more information about SimaPro on the official website:

Free trial period: 30 days
Sector Specificity: No
Database trial: yes, but reduced
Software running: On PC
Database territoriality: International
Possibility to export results: No

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe:
  • CML: ✖
  • Environmental Footprint: ✖
  • Others: ✖

Presentation of results:

  • Tables:
  • Istograms:
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram: 

Tutorial availability:

  • None: ✖
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many:

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