The Plastic Lifecycle Assessment Calculator for the Environment and Society (PLACES) is a tool for assessing the environmental and social impacts of plastics.

This tool is a prototype greenhouse gas calculator that operates on an open-source basis. Its primary function is to monitor and assess the environmental implications of plastic waste management and recycling strategies in India and Indonesia.

The PLACES platform enables users to compute the amount of carbon emissions that can be reduced by taking into account diverse plastic polymers, quantities of plastic waste, and distinct end-of-life (EOL) scenarios.

The launch of PLACES aimed to furnish investors with data pertaining to the recycled plastics market development and waste management infrastructure of India and Indonesia.


Here is an overview of common features found in PLACES software:

  • Free Trial Period: It offers an unlimited free period.
  • Sector Specificity: The software specifically targets plastic waste and its environmental impact.
  • Database Trial: the database included in the software.
  • Software Running: PLACES runs online via a browser.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The software’s database is limited to data from India and Indonesia.
  • Impact Assessment Methods: The software determines several impact assessment methods including carbon footprint (kg CO2eq), energy usage, water consumption, Initial Environmental Impact (compared to end-of-life use), Recycling Environmental Impact, and Environmental Savings. Impact assessment methods as ReCiPe, CML, or EF (Environmental Footprint) are not available.
  • Presentation of Results: PLACES presents results in table format.
  • Results cannot be exported.
  • Tutorial Availability: As of now, there are no tutorials available for the software.

For more information about the PLACES software can be found on the website:

Free trial period: unlimited
Sector Specificity: Plastic Waste
Database trial: Yes
Software running: Online
Database territoriality: India, Indonesia
Possibility to export results: No

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe: ✖
  • CML: ✖
  • Environmental Footprint: ✖
  • Others:

Presentation of results:

  • Tables: 
  • Istograms: 
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram: 

Tutorial availability:

  • None:
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many: ✖

Providing in input a given amount of plastic (PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET) and a possible end-of-life (among default-sanitary landfill-open dump-open burning) impacts are calculated.

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