OpenLCA is the robust, only free, open source, extensively implemented LCA software that can be utilised for professional ecological, social, and economic life cycle assessments on a global scale.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology is standardised in ISO 14040 and 14044 and served as the “master template” for other more specific standards and pre-standards (for example, water footprint and climate change).

OpenLCA can be utilised for LCAs, carbon & water footprints, eco-design, environmental product declarations, life cycle costing, and social life cycle assessment, among other things.


Here is an overview of the features found in OpenLCA software:

  • Free Trial Period : OpenLCA offers an unrestricted use period
  • Sector Specificity: OpenLCA does not have specific sector limitations, making it suitable for various industries and applications.
  • Database Trial: OpenLCA does not have specific sector limitations, making it suitable for various industries and applications.
  • Software Running: OpenLCA can be installed and used on PCs.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The software’s database is not limited to specific territories and provides international coverage.
  • Impact Assessment Methods: Impact Assessment techniques: OpenLCA supports Recipe, CML, Environmental Footprint (Ef), and other impacts assessment.
  • Presentation of results: OpenLCA enables users display assessment results in tables, histograms, and tree charts/Sankey diagrams.
  • Possibility To Export Results: The software lets users export assessment results for later use and analyse them.
  • Tutorial Availability: Many OpenLCA tutorials help customers to utilise the software properly.

Users can find more information about OpenLCA on the official website provided:

Free trial period: unlimited
Sector Specificity: No
Database trial: yes, but reduced
Software running: On PC
Database territoriality: International
Possibility to export results: Yes

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe:
  • CML:
  • Environmental Footprint:
  • Others:

Presentation of results:

  • Tables:
  • Istograms:
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram: 

Tutorial availability:

  • None: ✖
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many:

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