One Click LCA is the industry’s no.1 user-friendly and automated LCA & EPD software.  This tool provides an industry-wide platform with a one-stop solution for accelerating the decarbonization of buildings, infrastructure, renovations, construction products and materials, and portfolios. AEC professionals and consultants can optimize whole life carbon, cost and circularity of constructions design using LCA automation with BIM & BEM integrations.

Here is an overview of common features found in One Click LCA software:

  • Free Trial Period: One Click LCA’s 14-day free trial lets consumers try the software before subscribing.
  • Sector Specificity: The tool enables users to analyse the environmental impacts of building projects.
  • Database Trial: Users can test the software’s database for assessment data.
  • Software Running: One-click software LCA is web-based software that may be used on any device with internet connectivity.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The software’s database is restricted to Europe; Australia; New Zeeland; Canada; USA
  • Impact Assessment Methods: One Click LCA incorporates impact assessment methods, including the assessment of global warming potential (in kg CO2 eq). However, the Recipe, CML, and Environmental Footprint methods are not available.
  • Presentation of Results: The software allows users to present their assessment results using tables and histograms, facilitating the visualization and communication of data. However, it does not provide support for tree charts or Sankey diagrams.
  • Possibility To Export Results: One Click LCA enables users to export their assessment results.
  • Tutorial Availability: No tutorials are available for One Click LCA.
  • Website:

Free trial period: 14 days
Sector Specificity: Building
Database trial: Yes
Software running: Online
Database territoriality: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA
Possibility to export results: Yes

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe: ✖
  • CML: ✖
  • Environmental Footprint: ✖
  • Others:

Presentation of results:

  • Tables:
  • Istograms:
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram:

Tutorial availability:

  • None
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many: ✖

Free Student License
We offer a free student license for life-cycle assessment students who wish to use One Click LCA to support their program of study. The free student license covers Building LCA only; it cannot be used for Product or Process LCA projects. This licence is not for use in research projects or internships.

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