Ecochain Mobius is one of the simplest Product Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) instruments available. With its user-friendly interface and extensive in-tool guidance, users quickly learn to assess and improve the environmental footprint of their product(s).

Access to the largest environmental impact databases in the world is included at no additional cost. EcoInvent, the Environmental Footprint (EF), and the Dutch Nationale Milieudatabase (NMD) are among the databases utilised.

Together, they provide extensive environmental information on the majority of materials, ingredients, and components.


Here is an overview of common features found in Ecochain Mobius software:

  • Free Trial Period: Users can access a free trial of the software for a duration of 14 days.
  • Sector Specificity: The software is not industry-specific, making it applicable to a wide range of industries and processes.
  • Database Trial: Users are permitted to utilise the software’s database throughout the trial time.
  • Software Running: Ecochain Mobius is an internet-based platform that facilitates simple and convenient use without the need for installation or local software.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The database of the software contains international data, allowing users to conduct global assessments and environmental impact analyses.
  • Impact Assessment Methods: Ecochain Mobius supports multiple impact assessment methods, including Recipe, CML, Environmental Footprint (Ef), and others.
  • Presentation of results: Tables, histograms, and tree charts/Sankey diagrams organise results in the software.
  • Possibility To Export Results: For further investigation, reporting, or system integration, users can export their evaluation results from Ecochain Mobius.
  • Tutorial Availability: The software offers multiple tutorials to assist users in understanding and utilizing its features effectively.

For more details about Ecochain Mobius and its features, users can visit the official website at

Free trial period: 14 days
Sector Specificity: No
Database trial: Yes
Software running: Online
Database territoriality: International
Possibility to export results: Yes

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe:
  • CML:
  • Environmental Footprint:
  • Others:

Presentation of results:

  • Tables: 
  • Istograms: 
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram: 

Tutorial availability:

  • None: ✖
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many:

At the time of profile creation the LCA specific sector can be selected (Agricolture and food, building and construction, packaging, chemicals, apparel and fashion, services, consumer goods, other); it is possible to create different scenarios, to compare differnt products; to model life cycles or products

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