CarbonCare is a certified online worldwide CO2 Emissions Calculator helps individuals, organisations, and businesses estimate and track their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for all modes of transport (Road, Rail, Air, Sea, and Inland Waterways), including emissions from cargo handling and cold storage.

It helps users to evaluate their carbon footprint, assess their environmental impact, and find ways to reduce emissions. This CO2 calculator’s global coverage, reasonable price, and extensive database make it an industry leader.

CarbonCare helps stakeholders in industry, commerce, transport, and logistics adopt climate protection and climate-neutral transport products and services. It took five years to develop the core principles alongside industry, ETH, and Swiss federal agencies.


Here is an overview of common features found in CarbonCare software:

  • Free Trial Period: Users can access the software for an unlimited duration
  • Sector Specificity: The software focuses on the whole transport sector, likely providing specialized emissions calculations and analysis for transportation-related activities
  • Database Trial: database is available
  • Software Running: CarbonCare software is accessible online.
  • Database Territoriality (Limited To): The software’s database encompasses international data, enabling users to estimate and track carbon emissions on a global scale.
  • Impact Assessment Methods:The software supports impact assessment methods specifically related to global warming, typically expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (kg CO2 eq). However, ReCiPe (Recipe), CML, or Environmental Footprint (Ef) methods are not available.
  • Presentation of results: The software organises emissions data in tabular form. It lacks histograms, tree charts, and Sankey diagrams for result presenting.
  • Possibility To Export Results: The software enables users export assessment outcomes to preserve or share.
  • Tutorial Availability: The software has no tutorials.

For more details user can visit Website:

Free trial period: Unlimited
Sector Specificity: Transport
Database trial: Yes
Software running: Online
Database territoriality: International
Possibility to export results: Yes

Impact assessment methods:

  • Recipe: ✖
  • CML: ✖
  • Environmental Footprint: ✖
  • Others:

Presentation of results:

  • Tables: 
  • Istograms: ✖
  • Tree charts/sankey diagram: ✖

Tutorial availability:

  • None:
  • Someone: ✖
  • Many: ✖

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